Mixed Media Artist - Socorro Hernandez-Hinek


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About Me



I grew up in a Mexican American family of talented and driven “musicos”. Their stories and struggles inspired and fueled the creative flame in my heart and mind.  Their creative legacy, alive in their own music, continues to resonate in my own life.  This artistic journey that I call my life, was set in motion at birth.  La familia was the seed from where I have and hope to continue evolving as a......mother, artist and teacher. 

A native of San Antonio, Texas, Socorro has called Fayetteville, North Carolina home for 20 years. A graduate of University of California, Chico, M.A. and East Carolina University, M.F.A.. in Ceramics   She has championed arts education thru A+ schools, Smart Start Initiative and served on the State of North Carolina Arts Council Board. She is a retired Associate Professor of Art at Fayetteville State University, North Carolina. Her proudest achievement, her daughter, Cecelia. 


Mixed Media and the Natural World

My work will have many different mediums in construction of personal shrines. Hispanic shrines, altars, ofrendas are expressions of traditions and typical experiences of Hispanic life. My process also recognizes the  traditional fabrication materials as an intersection with the natural world. The ofrendas of Dia de Muertos became a most familiar and logical, symbol of "familia" ; the Japanese flower tradition of "Ikebana" a perfect symbol of the natural world.  In the studio, mixed media and  manipulation of material reflects the fusion of the natural world and a  tradition. As an observing artist standing in a primeval forest floor or where a rocky shore meets the tide.  The edges and layers of living organisms and decay are rich in energetic possibility and potential. 


Inspiration - Forces of Nature

Maybe, I am attempting to get back to the beginning of the two forces that sustained and  nurtured my being: the natural environment and the hearth of my "familia".  As I reflect on these forces they share many visual elements. Courtesy of this natural world and family momentos there are planes where there exists a harmony In my mind's eye,  the potent spirit that lies deep within a redwood tree is symbolic is a expression of the violin, nature's harmonic rhythm at play in the forest. I am bound to wander in nature.

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