P1020996Welcome to Socosart. I am Socorro Hernandez-Hinek, a Mexican-American, mixed-media artist and Professor of Art. This is my web-site.

Within this site’s pages, you will learn about my own artistic journey. Through the About Socorro tab, you can read biographical information and exhibition history.

In Socorro’s Blog, you are invited to share comments and ideas related to the world of art.  An important goal of my blog project is to nurture new ideas, raise questions and foster creative growth. Upcoming exhibition dates and sightings are also posted, always updating. I invite you to comment about my work, guest artists and writers and art in general. This page also provides links to renowned galleries, art collections, museums and favorite blogs.

Exhibitions and Events is home to recent activities in galleries, fairs, and presentations with a short description follows each entry. Browsing through My Gallery you will view most recent sculpture, mixed media and 2-d portfolio. In Featured Art, read an expanded description of the processes and themes behind my work.

In Features contains background information about my family. A legacy of musical tradition dating back many generations from San Luis Potosi, Mexico and Laredo.

As you navigate through socosart, please remember that I am an artist, learning to navigate the virtual world of “web”.  My site will forever be “a creative work in progress,” so look forward to hearing what you have to share, comments and feedback.  They are truly appreciated.

Thanks for visiting,